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What our customers say

I'm always selective with eyelashes because my eyes are abit big (some lashes look too much for me when i use them) and usually they are uncomfortable to wear the whole day... BUT i wore this pair today (for almost the whole day) and didnt feel any discomfort. Very comfortable to wear and it compliments my eyes hehe. This eyelash looks pretty natural on me so I will use it for a long while for sure! Will give the other eyelashes from Acelooq a try too. Highly recommended!

Val, on Cutie Pie Lashes

I love theseeee I swear these are the most comfortable lashes I've ever put on the eyeliner glue is so easy to use....Really hassle-free!! I'm so glad I saw oomf post on these lashes her ig lol gonna buy more soon!!

Mai, on Pixie lashes and Ace Liner

Tbh, I'm a light user, don't like the lash glue application process, and how uncomfortable false lashes can get overtime. I'm amazed by the Ace Liner as it has made lash application effortless. Plus, it gives a clean finish, leaving no residue and good adhesive strength. I might start wearing it more often now that it's much easier!

Lizzie Martoyo, on Ace Liner