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Personal Lash Shopper

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Not sure which lashes are suitable for your eye type and afraid you might pick the wrong lash style? Save up to 30% and enjoy free normal mail when you purchase our Personal Lash Shopper!

How does our Personal Lash Shopper work? 

Step 1: Select your choice of Ace Liner

Step 2: Make the payment

Step 3: Fill up in this form here or email your photo to info@acelooq with your order number to complete this order

Step 4: Sit back and relax while Karen, our dedicated Personal Lash Shopper, analyse your eye-type according to your selfie and help you pack the most suitable lash design.

Step 5: Your package will arrive via your preferred mail within 3-5 days after purchase. 

What you will receive?

Quantity Item Price
1 Personal Lash Shopper -

Lite/Natural/Glam Lashes
(Specify your look in google form)

U.p. $15.90
1 Ace Liner 2.0 $20.90
1 To The Point Lash Applicator $7.90
1 DrawString bag $5.90
Total before discount U.p $50.60
Total after discount + Free normal mail


  *Note: All sales are final, and no exchange or refund allowed.